Fresh Graduate Narrates his Pathetic Broke Weekend Story

Fresh Graduate Narrates his Pathetic Broke Weekend Story

I realized my broke situation on Thursday-right after work I noticed I had 25 cedi till my salary kicks in. Knowing that I was going to get paid on the 38th or 42nd day of the month, it was imperative that I plan well. But how do I plan with almost nothing?

I chose to call in sick and work from home on Friday to save 7 cedi. As it turned out, I had just a last batch of rice to cook. As if that was not enough, I was out of Toothpaste, stew, salt, Internet bundle, toilet paper and sad of all, my soap was slimmer than Yvonne Nelson’s belly.

Obviously my chances of going through the weekend and even going to work this week was so narrow, the eye of a needle was even wider than that.

I got scissors to cut my toothpaste into two and got what I could.  Audacious task with the toilet paper but I sailed through, you really don’t have know how.


I cooked the last batch of rice without stew and salt- you should try it. It is probably the worst thing anybody could give you as food. I ate that for Friday and sacrificed 6cedis of the money for Internet bundle- if I’m starving, Internet bundle seem like a better idea to keep me company.

Saturday was a good day, a hot neighbor visited. Whoever taught sex on a hungry stomach could be this great? Well, it was! She was my ticket out of boredom till she left around 4pm, that was when I noticed I was actually hungry again. Accra porridge was my savior, and by the way , what kind of people sell porridge on evenings? Definitely not my people in Kumasi but yes, you guys helped a lot. Koko 1cedi, bread 1cedi and I was good to go.

Now, it is Sunday evening, I dared not think of going to church today. Not when I know church expenses sets at at least 10cedi. Gari saved my afternoon, raw gari soaking with no sugar. Folks, that is more dehumanizing than what the Police did to the Let My Vote Count people

Regardless, I have sailed through. In fact, the saying that God will not let you live if He can’t feed you is true. I have 17cedis for the rest of week, my transportation to work daily is 7cedis in and out. I will keep you updated how my week goes.


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